Leveraging Scrivener in Internet Marketing: Beyond Novel Writing to Blogs, Emails, and Ebooks

Choosing the right software for Internet Marketing can be overwhelming in a landscape inundated with tools, apps, and platforms. Marketers often use a variety of applications for blogging, email marketing, and ebook creation. However, few realize that Scrivener, a tool generally associated with authors and academics, can be a game-changer in the world of digital marketing. This article aims to lift the veil on using Scrivener to create compelling blog posts, run effective email campaigns, and even produce high-quality ebooks.

What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is often heralded as the go-to software for novelists and researchers. It offers a comprehensive platform to write, edit, and organize long-form content. Though not specifically designed for internet marketing, its robust features make it highly adaptable to a range of content creation needs that marketers commonly face.

A Brief Overview of Features


Scrivener’s Binder is a dynamic sidebar that acts as a project manager, holding all your drafts, research, images, and even website URLs.


This feature converts your content into index cards, allowing you to move them around and visualize the structure of your project.


Never worry about losing versions of your copy. Snapshots allow you to revert back to earlier drafts.


Once you’ve drafted and organized your content, the Compile feature helps you export it in various formats like PDF, Word, or ePub.

Using Scrivener for Blog Posts

Blogging is a cornerstone of Internet Marketing. With the surge in content marketing, producing regular, high-quality blog posts is more essential than ever. Here’s how Scrivener can enhance this process:

  1. Research Management:
    • Every great blog post begins with thorough research. With Scrivener’s Binder, you can store all your research in one place. Whether it’s PDFs, images, web links, or simple notes, everything is easily accessible. This means no more shuffling between browser tabs or searching through folders.
  2. Outline Creation:
    • Once your research is complete, the Corkboard feature allows you to outline your blog post. By creating and shuffling index cards, you can determine the flow of your content, ensuring a logical structure.
  3. Distraction-Free Writing:
    • Scrivener offers a full-screen mode that eliminates potential distractions, creating an environment conducive to writing. This can be especially beneficial for marketers who often juggle multiple responsibilities.
  4. Version Control:
    • With the Snapshots feature, you can save multiple versions of your blog. This is invaluable when you want to test different headlines or approaches, allowing you to experiment without fear of losing previous drafts.

Crafting Email Marketing Campaigns in Scrivener

Email marketing remains one of the most effective customer acquisition and retention channels. Crafting engaging emails, however, requires meticulous organization, especially for segmented or automated campaigns.

  1. Segmenting Campaigns:
    • For marketers running multiple email campaigns targeting various segments, Scrivener’s Binder allows you to categorize and manage these campaigns effortlessly. Each campaign can have its folder, complete with research, drafts, and final copies.
  2. Visualizing Email Sequences:
    • If you’re working on drip campaigns or autoresponders, the Corkboard can help visualize the email flow, ensuring that the content progresses logically and compellingly.
  3. A/B Testing:
    • By using the Snapshots feature, you can store different versions of your email copy. This is incredibly beneficial when A/B testing different CTAs, headlines, or body content.

Ebook Creation with Scrivener

Ebooks are powerful lead magnets and valuable resources for your audience. Scrivener’s comprehensive suite of tools makes ebook creation a breeze.

  1. Structuring Your Ebook:
    • Given the length and depth of ebooks, a coherent structure is crucial. With the Binder and Corkboard, you can outline chapters, sub-sections, and key points, ensuring your ebook is organized and flows seamlessly.
  2. Incorporating Research:
    • Ebooks often require extensive research. Scrivener lets you store and categorize your research materials, whether they’re textual content, images, or web sources, ensuring they’re always at your fingertips.
  3. Formatting and Exporting:
    • Perhaps the most significant advantage for ebook creators is Scrivener’s Compile feature. Once your ebook is ready, you can format and export it directly into popular ebook formats like ePub or MOBI, ensuring your content is ready for platforms like Kindle or iBooks.

Wrapping Up

While Scrivener was initially designed with novelists and researchers in mind, its expansive feature set makes it a hidden gem for Internet Marketers. Scrivener provides a centralized, efficient platform for all your content creation needs, from blog posts and email campaigns to comprehensive ebooks.

The versatility of Scrivener allows marketers to consolidate tools, streamline processes, and produce higher-quality content. If you’ve been searching for a tool that can handle the multifaceted demands of Internet Marketing, it might be time to give Scrivener a closer look. It’s not just a writing tool; it’s a marketer’s secret weapon.

…It’s not just a writing tool; it’s a marketer’s secret weapon.

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